Take a look at how Brammo helped the first battery-powered helicopter soar

Historic 1st Electric Helicopter Flight

By Andy Giegerich  – Digital Managing Editor

Talent-based Brammo has lent a hand to an ambitious, and so far successful, helicopter launch.

Brammo lent its expertise to a Tier 1 Engineering launch of a battery-powered manned helicopter last month. The launch included the first hover taxi and a record five-minute cruise flight to 400 feet altitude.

It's the first time a manned helicopter performed a vertical takeoff, cruise and landing based solely on battery power, said Teir 1 President Glen Dromgoole.

All flights were made at the Los Alamitos Army Airfield, in California.

Brammo, which sold its motorcycle business in 2015, contributed 1,100 pounds of lithium polymer batteries to the effort, which included twin electric motors and a control system from Rinehart Motion Systems.