UAV  UAS  Drones

UAV “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”(aka Drone) are the aircraft used for flight while UAS “Unmanned Aerial System” includes everything needed to operate the UAV such as the software, ground control system, payload operations (cameras, equipment), and so forth.

With more than 8 years of involvement in the UAV – UAS industry experienced in both civilian and military operations, we understand all the steps required (permits, certifications, etc.) to ensure we fulfill clients’ visions and deliver quality professional media.

Business and Real Estate

In the past, manned aircrafts were the only quality source of elevated imagery however UAV/drones have now significantly changed the aerial HD video and photography services industry. Showcasing multiple angles and elevated views for properties, land and businesses has become not only affordable, but increasingly common. Homeowners, investors, agents and developers alike utilize UAV – UAS Services while having piece of mind knowing a fleet of OC Helicopters Aircrafts are available for when a project graduates to the next level.

Live Events

From Hollywood events to music videos to automobile commercials, there is no job too small, too large nor too far away. Few drone photographers / videographers possess the knowledge and in depth experience needed to fly drones safely and effectively to capture top quality footage on the first run.

Boasting gimbal stabilization gyro systems for smooth footage with Digital SLR shots allowing 20+ MP photos and a wide variety of HD video cameras to select from, OC Helicopters has everything needed for your aerial media production requirements.