U.F.O. Tour


U.F.O. Tour

Want more? You know you do! Take the UFO tour, and yoU’ll Find Out (UFO- get it) what adventure lies ahead and above- A custom thirty minute tour created by our chief PIC (Pup in Charge), Max. You’ll be whisked away like the VIP that you are for a surprise deluxe tour of the Orange County coastline from 500 feet above. (or whatever Max’s whim is). A guaranteed “barkin” good time as Max says without the little green men.

$349 per/person

You’ll find out…!

Premium Package

Video of the “OC” to revisit your flight experience with family and friends…. OC Helicopters Hats for the look…. Flight Log, and Flight Passbook Map/Aero-Chart provides detail experience of your ride, plus $100 Gift-Cards for next time or give to loved ones…