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Air Medical

SPECIAL OPS – Organ transport
OC Helicopters +1-949-851-6262 charters


Convenient and uninterrupted travel. Avoid the traffic jams and scheduled service delays. Go when you want to go. Land directly at a number of convenient locations, hotels, restaurants, vineyards and other venues. Special events, Weddings….be treated like the VIP that you are! Sound good? The possibilities are endless….Where do you want to go?

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Golf Ball Drop

There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing then a golf course! Then you hear the echo’s of “Fore” as golf balls drop from the sky above (well … from the OC Helicopter above). Let OC Helicopters help you and your organization achieve new fundraising records by “Managing Your Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser Online”.

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Hungry for more? OC Helicopters offers you the opportunity of combining the thrill and convenience of a helicopter flight and dinner at top Southern California restaurants… It brings a whole new meaning to “Dine & Dash”. Fly, dine-n-dash away… in style… helicopter style!

OC Helicopters +1-949-851-6262 charters

Helicopter Management

Tailored helicopter management services.

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In the Americas, OC Helicopters is the 1st and only organization offering the recreational SCUBA diving community the ability to specialize in Helicopter SCUBA diving. Many Heli-Divers will tell you that it’s really about the challenge and adventure of exploring places from above and below. Heli-Diving is not for the novice, but for experienced divers who want to go beyond their current limits and are willing to push the boundaries. “Heli-dive Deadman’s Reef”©

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Yes we do and YOU can too! You’ve shed hours upon hours of jumping out of an airplane, it’s time you put your altitude skills to the test in a helicopter. OCH is here to dispel some misconceptions of helicopter skydiving and to add a little education for those interested in taking the jump of a lifetime!

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Meetings  Groups  Charities

Want to treat your staff? Reward for a job well done? Host an event that’s “uplifting”… literally? Tired of the same family reunion picnic? Give Uncle Joe a thrill! OC Helicopter can help you plan your next group event to make it the most memorable ever.

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Photo Flights

Looking for a new perspective on life? Need a photo of your property or jobsite? Whether it’s to survey your kingdom or the land you are working on, snap a photo for a potential buyer or one for yourself… Capture the world from above in a “OCH” Helicopter.

OC Helicopters +1-949-851-6262 tours


Tours of Southern California beaches including Laguna Beach, Dana Point and Newport Beach. Gorgeous aerial views with tours ranging from introductory flights such as the Get Your Feet Wet Ride to Custom Tours that let you decide where we fly!

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Training programs offered from the recreational pilot to specialized programs.

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UAV  UAS  Drones

Unmanned Flight



OC Helicopters offers a wide range of experimental test pilot services for private and commercial applications.

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Wildlife Spotting

Birds, Dolphins, Seal Lions and Whales… Oh MY! Those are just a few of the many creatures you might encounter on a OC Helicopters flight. From above the experience is even more amazing to view! When our pilots spot wildlife the boats follow our lead. So come fly and keep a sharp lookout. How many can you spot?


Wrap Advertising

Showcase your company or brand to the hundreds of thousands of city natives and tourists that relax and enjoy the Orange County Coastline annually. Tired of conventional advertising? Have your message be seen traveling up and down the coast and throughout Southern California daily.