Skydiving from a Hover

Safety first then pure adrenaline! Heli-Skydivers are briefed on safety and basic flight training which is critical in understanding the differences in jumping from multiple types of aircrafts (from airplanes to OCH’s helicopter fleet). Engine failure is a common concern when skydivers are doing their research which you will find that helicopters are safer. When a plane experiences engine failure it needs a large, flat area in which to land, whereas a helicopter can autorotate and safely glide down without engine power needing much less of an area to land. Jumping altitudes for helicopters range between 4500’ and 6500′ depending on the skill and comfort level of the individual skydiver which are well over the minimum opening altitudes as regulated by the USPA and CSPA.

You’ve learned a couple facts now and have already seen the excitement in heli-skydiving so make the call…contact us today for more details.

OGE Hover

The pilots performing high altitude Out of Ground Effect “OGE” hovering are extremely qualified, some seasoned veterans, with thousands of flight hours each skilled in understanding how to manage various conditions of gross weight, altitude, temperature, and power all of which affect the hovering ceiling. Now you know that your parachute and OCH both “Got Your Back!”