Heli-SCUBA Dive Training

The OC Helicopters PADI Heli-Dive Course is a certification training course designed to familiarize Divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of diving from a helicopter. The training covers the basic knowledge of helicopters which is necessary to ensure that every heli-dive is a safe one. In addition to proper helicopter etiquette, helicopter terminology and local helicopter egress laws/ordinance, you will develop the ability to perform important helicopter egress skills- helicopter diving entries/exits and the use of emergency/ safety equipment. The course is taught on the H120 helicopter. ***Each dive is designed to maximize fun and enjoyment while you are professionally supervised by your PADI Instructor and certified assistants. PADI Heli-Dive Certifications require two (2) satisfactory dives. Read “To Dive From A Helicopter“, our recent article in Scuba Diving Magazine then contact us to set up your first dive!

* Single dives starting from $1,250 per/person (two participants required per flight).

Day & Night Heli-Dive Certifications

Now that you’ve completed all performance requirements for PADI Heli-Dives One and Two, it’s time to get your Certified Heli-Diver I Patch. As shown here it’s clear what the next step is for you…to suit up, jump in the heli and go for your Night Heli-Dive Certification! Come back out with us and take your daytime training into the night with the rush of low altitude flying over dark waters then hovering with the perimeter and directional floodlights blaring as you balance yourself on the heli skid before you make your dive. If the floodlights are too celebrity status for you and you’re looking for more of a “special ops” experience then you know you’re with the right Heli-Dive Team. Our helicopters and pilots are all NVG certified and we do offer NVG training. The Day Heli-Diver I Patch is not complete without it’s counterpart! Continue your PADI Specialty Heli-Dive Course training by calling us today.

Heli-Dive Course Requirements

PADI Advanced Open Water or proof of certification beyond entry-level with a minimum of 20 logged dives documenting experience in; deep diving, night diving, boat diving, and underwater navigation.  Last dive should have been within the previous six (6) months prior to the start of the class.  Must be a registered ID-ME.org (Identification Medical Emergency) Card Member.

Minimum Age: 18 years – Depth: Maximum Depth 100 feet – Hours: 11 hours

Minimum Confined Water Dives: Confined-water training may be added at the discretion of the instructor conducting the specialty course. As a pre assessment before the course begins, a confined-water session may include a scuba skills review.  Must have a minimum of 2 Open Water Dives.

Rapid Diver

Important – FEMA, Law Enforcement Agencies, Public Safety Departments and all Emergency Rescue First Response Teams near a water source will be trained to use Rapid Diver…the new all inclusive scuba system by AquaLung. The Rapid Diver can be donned in seconds and is perfect in military and civilian emergency situations requiring aviation support. Becoming a Certified Heli-Diver specializing in the Rapid Diver Scuba System gives you all the tools and training needed to save lives in open water when every second counts. Contact us for more information about the Rapid Diver Scuba System and how you can become certified today. ***OC Helicopters is an official distributer of AquaLung Military and Professional Aviation and Tactical Products.