I just wanted to drop you a couple lines regarding the awesome flight we took along Laguna Beach last month for our anniversary.  It was amazing and beautiful.  Rick was a fun and expert pilot.  It was an experience that we are still thinking about, and hoping to do again soon.  Thanks again for a great time! Sandra Obleas & David Walker J

  My photos, on the other hand, were no where near what they could be if to capture great images of the beauty of the vistas was my goal.  I was more thrilled just to sit back and look around (and watch Laurie enjoy herself), which I throughly enjoyed.   Best Regards  Curtis Johnson

Dear patti and the OC helicopter team, Thank you so much for an amazing day and definitely one I will never forget!The helicopter was only the beginning to mine and Kevin's amazing date!While in the helicopter I was thinking today can't get any better, but I waswrong because Kevin had yet another surprise up his sleeve! After our incredible ride alone Newport we had an amazing date just windowaround Newport.  As the sun began to set we went to laguna beach and therewas a blanket, candles, and 100 things kevin loves about me handwritten in amason jar. After reading all the notes he got on his knee and asked me tomarry him! (Obviously I said YES ;) ) Thank you for making this day special, it is one I will never forget!Feel free to use our pictures around your page or Facebook if you want! -Cambria and Kevin

photo 4

What a fun ride that was!  Here are the photos.  I didn't get too much scenery because I was too busy checking everything out.  The ocean around Laguna Beach has the prettiest blue colors imaginable.


Wow! What a great experience! It was a very special trip for us as this was our 60th Anniversary and our 80th birthdays. We’ve never seen so many interesting sites as our pilot pointed out to us on our tour. Sharing our experience with our family made them all envious and am I sure many of them will be participating in this fun trip. To Patti our host, Ric and Max our pilots, thanks for a great experience. Mary and Bob Schureman

On May 26th, my son Gabriel Gutierrez and I went on an amazing flight with Phil and Rick.  This was a present from me to my son for his 8th birthday, which he loved so much.  Attached are some photos of our exciting adventure. All of you were so wonderful.  We spoke of all of you during Gabriel's birthday, and many friends and family were excited to try OC Helicopters.Thank you again for making Gabriel so happy!! Carlos Gutierrez